A few recent projects…

by woodwardcyclery

So here’s a couple of things that we’ve completed working on lately. The first is Sidney’s peugeout. This one’s got a new matte black paint job, new bars/stem/levers/brakes, and new rack and pannier set up.

We went with the Soma sparrow bar, Dia-compe non-aero levers, and brooks tape. We took off the old center pull brakes and replaced them with Tektro’s R559 extra long reach caliper brakes.

We added a Voyager rear rack and strapped a OUT YOUR BACK DOOR pannier on it. I love these panniers, they really class up any bike.

I think it turned our really nice.
Next up is my old Atala.

Now I built this up a while back and had been riding it and loving it. But I decided I wanted to be able to run a little bigger tires. So I had my buddy Chicken add some canti bosses and rack/fender mounts to the frame for me.



I love the current set up. Before this was a straight racing frame. It used short reach caliper brakes, so the biggest tire I could use was a 25. Now I’ve got 28’s on there, and I think I can get 32’s on it maybe. It’ll be close in the rear. I went with the Nitto mini campee front rack, which Chicken added some custom mounting tabs for. It’s perfect for a light load or handlebar bag.


I went through Rivendell to get the Nitto housing stops. It’s funny, these parts are so small and inconspicuous, but Nitto makes them look so nice, they really make the bike look so much better.

The only thing left is a real paint job. I just couldn’t wait to build it up after I got it back. I just did a quick spray job. Soon I’ll get it powder coated and have a nice new set of decals for it.