Andi’s Nishiki SS

by woodwardcyclery


So here’s another addition to Andi’s stable. This one utilizes a good bit of parts that were left over from her other builds. Initially the goal was a beater single speed, for quick around town errands. As it moved along the build up process, decisions were made, items were added, and the “beater” idea was inevitably scrapped. The bike turned out real nice, and is really fun to ride. Even though it looks like is has some sophisticated stuff, one can still just hop on it and go.

We were able to use her old sugino Maxy cranks, with her old Campy pedals. That’s the Velo Orange Grand Cru chainguard on it. I really like the finished look of those once they’re installed.


We decided on Woody’s fenders out of Oregon to match up nicely with the saddle and bags combination. The fenders required just a bit of notching out to fit the frame/brakes. But they really look nice on there. The bags are Detroit Cargo in the front, Walnut bag in rear.
Other specs –
• Soma Sparrow bars
• Brooks saddle and grips
• Old Campy wheelset