An Old Friend-

by woodwardcyclery

So I’ve been meaning to post this one up for a minute. This is my old KHS pursuit frame. This was the first real track bike I ever bought. I picked this thing up back in 2001 at APB (rip). It’s been through hell. It served me nobely through 10 years of being a messenger. She’s been t-boned, doored, layed down, popped up and off thousands of curbs, basically put through the ringer, and will not die. This truly is a great frame. Sure you can see the dings (some would say war wounds), but those add character.
So basically, I traded this frame, a couple of years ago, to a friend of mine for another track frame. It’s gone through a few owners, all luckily local, and fortunately made its way back to me. I bit the bullet and controversially had it powder coated black. I initially really wanted to restore it to its original “firefly” orange factory paint. But after I got it back from the painter’s, I feel pretty good about the black.

The drivetrain is old Campy pista cranks w/ a Sugino ring, and GR9’s with Toshi Doubles. Campy record track hubs laced to old Mavic CXP14 rims.


Steering is an old 3T stem with vintage North Road bars, wrapped with Brooks leather tape. Check out the old American Classic headset.


Finished it off with a Brooks Swallow saddle mounted to a Campy aero seat post, and Detroit Cargo saddle bag.


I’m really happy with this build, and to have the KHS back in the stable. It still rides great! I’ve gotten pretty sentimental about this bike, now that it’s back, and don’t think I’ll ever part with it.