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An Old Friend-

So I’ve been meaning to post this one up for a minute. This is my old KHS pursuit frame. This was the first real track bike I ever bought. I picked this thing up back in 2001 at APB (rip). It’s been through hell. It served me nobely through 10 years of being a messenger. She’s been t-boned, doored, layed down, popped up and off thousands of curbs, basically put through the ringer, and will not die. This truly is a great frame. Sure you can see the dings (some would say war wounds), but those add character.
So basically, I traded this frame, a couple of years ago, to a friend of mine for another track frame. It’s gone through a few owners, all luckily local, and fortunately made its way back to me. I bit the bullet and controversially had it powder coated black. I initially really wanted to restore it to its original “firefly” orange factory paint. But after I got it back from the painter’s, I feel pretty good about the black.

The drivetrain is old Campy pista cranks w/ a Sugino ring, and GR9’s with Toshi Doubles. Campy record track hubs laced to old Mavic CXP14 rims.


Steering is an old 3T stem with vintage North Road bars, wrapped with Brooks leather tape. Check out the old American Classic headset.


Finished it off with a Brooks Swallow saddle mounted to a Campy aero seat post, and Detroit Cargo saddle bag.


I’m really happy with this build, and to have the KHS back in the stable. It still rides great! I’ve gotten pretty sentimental about this bike, now that it’s back, and don’t think I’ll ever part with it.


Vintage Complete Build-Up For Sale

So this recently completed build is available for purchase, in shop. We came across this frame, which has 2 after market rack struts welded to it. We thought it was pretty cool, so we had the frame/fork powder coated and have slowly been building it up.

51cm frame. The bike has 26″ wheels, with Continental Retro Ride tires. Single speed set up. Tektro canti-lever brakes. Velo-Orange bars, with the Dia-Compe Guidonnet levers. Portland Design Works bamboo grips. Vintage Ideal leather saddle. Woody’s fenders. And comes with the little wicker rear basket.
$500. Come check it out.


Vintage KHS Classic Sold

So we’ve got this KHS complete for sale in shop. It’s a 56cm. It’s cleaned up, re-furbished, and has a brand new Selle Royal Contour saddle in white suede. $275.


Andi’s Nishiki SS


So here’s another addition to Andi’s stable. This one utilizes a good bit of parts that were left over from her other builds. Initially the goal was a beater single speed, for quick around town errands. As it moved along the build up process, decisions were made, items were added, and the “beater” idea was inevitably scrapped. The bike turned out real nice, and is really fun to ride. Even though it looks like is has some sophisticated stuff, one can still just hop on it and go.

We were able to use her old sugino Maxy cranks, with her old Campy pedals. That’s the Velo Orange Grand Cru chainguard on it. I really like the finished look of those once they’re installed.


We decided on Woody’s fenders out of Oregon to match up nicely with the saddle and bags combination. The fenders required just a bit of notching out to fit the frame/brakes. But they really look nice on there. The bags are Detroit Cargo in the front, Walnut bag in rear.
Other specs –
• Soma Sparrow bars
• Brooks saddle and grips
• Old Campy wheelset

Centurion Mixte Sold



Here’s one we re-did to sell in the shop. She’s got new tubes/tires, new Brooks saddle, new VO bars, new Wald basket, vintage rear rack, new Dia Compe inverse brake levers with VO basket weave grips, all new cable/housing, new freewheel/chain. $450 and its yours.

Rob’s Everton –

This is an old Everton from Denmark, that we were commissioned to revamp. This belongs to Rob, who’s wife is the owner of the Schwinn in the previous post. Now they have a pair of classy around towners.
Here is a before shot of the condition of the bike when it was brought in-

After decisions were made, and the work was completed, here is the finished product-







Here’s a breakdown of the parts list-
• VO porteur front rack
• VO hammered fenders
• VO elk hide hand sewn grips
• Soma Lauterwasser bars
• Shimano 600 Arabesque shifters/derailleurs
• Schwalbe Durano tires
• MKS copper sylvan pedals
• Crane copper bell
• Brooks Flyer special saddle

Ashley’s Schwinn


So here is an old Schwinn that we re-did. This bike was Ashley’s ride from high school, check the before pic below.

Her husband wanted to give her a surprise valentines day gift. So he asked us if we could class it up a bit, and give it a fresh start.
So here’s the finished product.

-quick overview
• new paint job • new wheelset/panaracer tires • new sparrow bars • dia compe bar end shifting • brooks saddle • VO sew on elk hide bar wrap • VO fenders • VO pedals

This was a fun project.

Allison’s Trek-


Here’s another old Trek we re-did for Steven, that was giving this bike as a Christmas gift, to his wife Allison. His inspiration was Andi’s Trek that we built a few months back. Below us a pic of how it looked when it came to us originally.

It was already pretty cool looking in my opinion.
Nevertheless, it got a new paint job, and a mix of new and original parts.



First off was a new Ladies team pro Brooks saddle. We opted for the gran compe ratcheting bar end shifters, with the Velo Orange sew on elk-hide grips.
Also, Velo-Orange city levers.


We added a classic Wald rear rack, VO fenders, and put the Nantucket wicker panniers on for the photos. The VO city pedals finished off the new stuff on the build. All the other original parts received an overhaul and a bit of polishing.
I think it turned out really nice, it rode really well.


Sarah’s Concorde-

Finally getting around to posting Sarah’s Concorde step-thru. I got this frame quite a while ago and just never built it up until a few weeks ago.

We transferred over all the stuff from her Moser pretty much. She went with the VO Montmartre bars and a NOS Pletscher front rack that clamps to the fork crown. She also added a VO bottle cage adapter mount to the bars, so she can ride with her coffee in an accessible place.

This turned out to be a super cute little bike.
Oh yea, her old Moser frame/fork is for sale if anyone’s interested.

Shifter Re-Mount-

So I switched to bar end shifting on the Atala. I went with the Rivendell bar end shift pods. These worked out great for my old campy shifters. They’re made to work with a good bit of the old standard down tube shifters. I love the look of shifters on the downtube, but the convenience of bar end shifting is pretty nice.