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Shifter Re-Mount-

So I switched to bar end shifting on the Atala. I went with the Rivendell bar end shift pods. These worked out great for my old campy shifters. They’re made to work with a good bit of the old standard down tube shifters. I love the look of shifters on the downtube, but the convenience of bar end shifting is pretty nice.


Closed Today-

The shop will be closed today. We’ll open back up for regular hours tomorrow.


Great little mixte here. Its got a new basket, new pedals, new chain, new tubes/tires, new saddle, new blinky lights front and rear. It also includes a new u-lock.
Come check it out.

Angela’s New Mercier-


I really like these frames, and pretty much always have. It’s a Mercier Kilo that isn’t really badged except for at the head tube.


We put a Gran Compe stem, and VO porteur bars on there. We opted for the Dia-Compe inverse levers and Tektro brakes.


We added vintage inspired Schwinn ss cranks, paired with the classy VO chain guard.


Brooks B-17 matched with Newbaum cloth tape. MKS sylvans with VO straps. A simple Formula ss wheelset, topped with the Panaracer Paselas in white round this one out.


Im pretty sure I’m going to get one of these frames for a fun little ss of my own. I really like how nice it turned

Andi’s Revamped Trek-

This is one of my favorite builds we’ve done so far. This was an old Trek frame/fork we had powder coated. We put a Campy Gran Sport drivetrain on it.

Brooks saddle, Nigel Smythe and OYB bags, VO sew on leather grips, bars, and stem.



I relaced the old Campy hubs to some new VO PBP rims and put the Panaracer Pasela Whites in 28 on it. VO fenders and Gran Compe center pulls finish this one off.

Thanks Andi for letting us build this one up.

Cardiff Bags-

So we got in a few of the Cardiff bags in shop. They’re pretty nice. They’ve got a nice waxed finish on the canvas, and the leather is nice and soft as well. They’re nice little bags for a reasonable price.

Frejus Frameset for sale-

So here’s an old Frejus for sale. I believe it’s on Craigslist for $475. Size is 58cm. Contact us or bradsasher@gmail.com if you’re interested.







Vintage Peugoet-

So here’s a nice little Peugeot that we fixed up. We re-ran new cable/housing, added a new Brooks, new tires/tubes, new pedals, bars/levers, and did some light polishing. It turned out nice. It’s a fun little bike-$399.

New post-

Here’s a cute little Motobecane mixte that we re-did. We were planning on having it for sale in the shop, but it never made it out of the workstand before it was sold. I really like the 27″ semi-knobby tires on this thing.

Next up are a few pics of a bike we helped build, that’s making it’s way across the US.

This is Geries’ Pake C’Mute. I really like this story because we got him all the parts and everything through Woodward Cyclery, then we all went back to SOPO and and built it up together. He really wanted to ride a bike he built himself on his trip, and that’s what he did.
He has a sent us a few pics of him and the bike during his travels and hopefully he’ll send us some more along the way.


That’s the kind of story I’m real stoked to have happen, with SOPO and Woodward Cyclery sharing a space.